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Cutting-edge technology in animal production



KEGOagri is a 100% subsidiary of NIREUS group and a leader in the Greek animal production.

KEGOagri was founded in 1976 under the name KEGO and soon became the leading provider of solutions (goods and services) to fish, poultry, and pig farmers.

In 2000 the shares of KEGO were listed in the Athens Stock Exchange. 

In 2007, KEGO was acquired by NIREUS group, pioneer in the production of Mediterranean fish. 

In 2008, after the merge of NIREUS with KEGO, the sector of poultry and livestock was seceded and KEGOagri was formed.

Today KEGOagri is 100% subsidiary of NIREUS group, the largest producer of Meditteranean fish in the world.

Since its inception, the company has continuously the leading position as a provider of integrated solutions and products to the Greek animal production industry.


Since 1976, the strategic vision of the company remains the same:

to serve our customers through the development of  innovative products and services that will enable them produce high quality food at the lowest possible cost.

Guiding principles

The basic principles guiding the operation of KEGOagri are:

• To develop healthy, long-lasting relationships with our customers
• To maintain a safe and rewarding environment for our employees and
• The be socially responsible on the corporate level towards the environment and the local community


KEGOagri’s activities focus on the industry of commercial livestock production.  The company sells genetic material, feed, equipment, veterinary medicine and hygiene products to poultry, swine and cattle farmers.

The main products and services offered by the company are:

  • Selected breeding stock to poultry, pig and cattle farmers – the stock is of high genetic merit and is  produced through breeding selection programs
  • Feed and nutritional products for food producing animals
  • Technical know-how and solutions to livestock farmers on nutrition, reproduction, farm management, veterinary medicine, hygiene products through specialized products and consulting services
  • Design, reconstruction and equipment for feed factories and integrated housing and feeding systems for poultry and pig farms.
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