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Cutting-edge technology in animal production


Is it safe to consume animal husbandry products (meat, milk, fish, eggs)?

 Raising awareness on the issue of food safety has resulted in the development of a very strict legal framework in the European Union ensuring that all animal husbandry products are safe for human consumption and do not have pose risk to public health.

 KEGOagri takes all necessary steps to ensure that all set regulations and practices are observed  in all stages from the purchase of raw materials to the production process and the marketing of the finished products.  The companys factory is one of the few in Greece that has been approved by the European Union (approval number aEL 0400001).  The production process and sale of all products are certified for Quality Management according to the International Standard ISO 9001:2000 (number 2010032000251). A strict traceability protocol ensures that all the products of the company follow the Food Hygiene Standards, as set by the regulations of the European Union.  Also, the continuous measurement and monitoring of critical parameters and processes ensure that all procedures related to product safety are monitored constantly.

 What is a genetic selection program for animal breeding?

 A genetic selection program for animal breeding is based on the selection of individual animals and / or families of animals that possess desirable traits (i.e. growth rate, meat quality, health status).  A prerequisite for a genetic selection program is the collection of an initial population that shows genetic variation in a group of traits of interest to the program, the recording of their individual performance and the implementation of an appropriate program for cross-breeding.

  The genetic selection programs do not employ techniques for genetic modifications, genetic engineering and gene transfer.  As a result, the implementation of these programs does not involve controversial techniques like gene modification and has no effect on food safety and animal welfare.  The genetic selection programs utilize existing genetic variation and while fully respecting the integrity of nature’s ecosystems.

 Are the products of KEGOagri free of GMO (genetically modified organisms)?

 KEGOagri respects the expectations of the companys customers and the concerns of the the consumers and takes measures that guarantee that the produced products are free of genetically modified organisms.  We only buy raw materials from specific providers that can provide proof that their products are free of GMO.  We also monitor on a continuous basis and carry routines on raw materials and finished products in specific labs in Greece and abroad.  Finally, the company receives written guarantees that the vehicles used to transport products are not used for the transportation of products with GMO and checks their transport documents.

 What is the basis of KEGOagri’s success?

 KEGOagris success is based on the long-term relationships it develops with:

  • Leading companies, international research centers and universities through which it gains technological know-how and access to innovative technology and internationally applied practices.
  • Our customers to whom we provide high quality and innovative products and services, transferring the knowledge and know-how we have developed.

 Our excellent knowledge of the market and our strong orientation in meeting the needs of our customers allows us to identify early their future needs and to offer integrated solutions that add value and create trust.

 Also we are able to offer fully tested and quality products to our customers because we develop the products in our facilities and we control their production and storage.

What Whati is the outlook for our products and markets?

KEGOagri targets sustainable development from existing activities and has already completed two projects that differentiate the company strategically:

  • The genetic selection program for pigs, in cooperation with the Irish company Hermitage, with the establishment of a nucleus farm that supplies the Greek and Cypriot markets with animals of high genetic merit
  • The expansion of the capacity of our plant that can increase sales of feed and other food products in synergy with other programs. 

These investments allow the company to strengthen its position and to seek larger market shares.

 Furthermore, the strengthening of KEGOagri’s position in the Greek and Cypriot markets and the strategic partnerships it has developed,  form an ideal starting point for its expansion in the Balkans and Eastern Mediterranean.

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