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Cutting-edge technology in animal production


KEGOagri carries an extensive line of products and services that meet all the needs of the modern producer.  All the products of KEGOagri share one important trait:  each helps the client to produce high quality food at the lowest possible cost.

The products and services offered by KEGOagri include:

Products for reproduction

  • Breeding stock for poultry farmers
    Selected chicks and hatching eggs
  • Breeding stock for swine farmers
    Selected breeding pigs
    Fresh and frozen semen
  • Breeding stock for cattle farmers
    Frozen semen

Products for Nutrition

  • Concentrates and premixes
    Mixes of vitamins, minerals and other specialized raw materials that meet the nutritional needs of animals and maximize their performance.  We produce a wide range of products for all types of reproductive animals, and, especially, for poultry, pigs, cattle, sheep and goats.  Our factory has the flexibility to meet the growing market demand and to adapt the products to the needs of each customer.
  • High energy vegetable-based raw material
    Vegetable fats and oils, condensed, in solid powder form.  This is the first facility in Greece that provides safe sources of products for the producer, without the use of animal fats, which have been linked to problems in food.
  • Milk replacers
    A new product line that appeals to all food producing animals
  • Specialized feed
    Special foods for suckling piglets and supplementary food for pigs and poultry.

The company also sells:
Amino acids
Feed enzymes
Feed additives and supplements

Machinery and Equipment

  • Feed machinery for animal feed mixes
  • Ventilation systems – climate controllers for poultry and pig farms
  • Automatic feed and water installations for animal producing units
  • Automation management systems for poultry farms
  • Hatchery equipment
  • Electronic identification systems for animal production units

Veterinary supplies

  • Biosecurity and hygiene products for animal producing units
  • Vaccines, medicine and pharmaceuticals for animals


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